Many studies show that frequent consumption of watermelon can help to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Besides, it was proven that watermelon is good for skin, hair and increases energy.
A glass of squeezed watermelon contains 43 calories, 0 grams of fat and 1 gram of fiber. In this glass is 17% of vitamin A, 21% vitamin C, 2% iron and 1% calcium by the amount required for one day. How will contribute a glass or two of watermelons be squeezed into your day?

For prevention of asthma
Asthma presenting risks are smaller in people who consume large amounts of nutrients. One of these substances is vitamin C, which is found in large amounts in watermelon.
Blood pressure
A research shows that watermelon increases blood pressure in people with the average age being overweight. The same research has shown that watermelon improves the performance of the arteries.

Watermelon presents excellent source antioxidant, vitamin C, and other antioxidants, which makes watermelon strong in the fight against cancer.

Watermelon, due to the large amounts of water and fiber, helps in digestion of food.

Watermelon consists of 92% water and is filled with electrolytes important. This tree is perfect for warmer days.


Holins are important nutritional substance which helps during sleep, muscle movement, in learning and forgetting. Holin helps in absorption of fats and prevent chronic inflammation.
Watermelon is fantastic for human skin because it contains vitamin A – nutrients which moisturisers the skin. This vitamin is necessary for the growth of all tissues, including the skin and hair.

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