7 amazing health benefits of watermelon

shaqiriThis fruit is to be consumed, because it is responsible for the different types of health benefits! Therefore, consume this summer while enjoying some of the amazing health benefits:
Likopena that found in tomatoes, it is a carotenoid fitonutrinet that gives a big improvement to improved cardiovascular health and bone health also.
You citrulline amino acid that our body can convert arginine. Arginine increased levels have been associated with improved cardiovascular health and improve blood circulation. High levels of arginine may be able to prevent the accumulation of excess fat. Arginine has also been linked with better kidney function, improve wound healing, immune function and health of hormones, and even can even help with erectile dysfunction, gazetaexpres send us.
Vitamin C
Did you know that in every slice of watermelon has about 23.2 mg of vitamin C? The benefits of vitamin C are numerous and may include the prevention of immune-deficiency, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the eyes, wrinkles, etc.
Choline, located in this delicious fruit, helps our body fight inflammation. It also helps us sleep better, improve memory and learning, and to improve muscle movement.
Because watermelon is high in fiber and water, it does wonders for our digestive system to help us have normal stools without obstacles.
Vitamin A
Watermelon contains vitamin A, which helps us to maintain healthy skin and hair, among others.
Fewer calories
Many people mistakenly assume that the watermelon has less calories, because there is only water and sugar. This is not true! While there are indeed fewer calories watermelon, it is filled with many nutrients that help us to be healthy – keep us hydrated and within a healthy level of daily consumption of calories.
Watermelon is a fresh fruit and a food miracle to our health. This tree has incredible healing powers and prevention, so be sure to take advantage of the watermelon season is here!
You can only eat watermelon, but may also consider using the watermelon to make the watermelon salad. Cream ice cream with watermelon, watermelon juice, watermelon salsa, watermelon lemonade, etc.

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