Bitter melon medicine for dangerous tumors

Although already consumed for centuries, many health advantages (effect against viruses, poisons, prevention of diabetes) only recently become known to western.
New research has found that fluid from bitter melon, this vegetables known in Asia and Africa, significantly reduces the growth of pancreatic tumors in mice, because inhibits glucose metabolism in cancer cells, and with literally makes hungry without sugar, subject to propel without which you can not survive.
Already known are numerous health benefits associated with the consumption of bitter melon. This plant, with the Latin name “Momordica charanna ‘, cultivated and consumed more in southeast Asia, in Africa, China, Japan, Oceania, and even the Caribbean. Particularly popular among the Japanese is from Okinawa, who are known for longevity. In the past four years so intense is being analyzed the effect of this plant against cancer. Cntikonceroqjen effect is visible even to breast, prostate, colon, liver, stomach and naso-pharyngeal tumors, as well as cases of leukemia and neuroblastoma.
The new study found that bitter melon has cytotoxic effect on cancer of the pancreas. People who weigh 75 kilograms should consume 6 grams of this powder. Similar dose of 4.8 grams of frozen juice is used as part of a study recently. In fact, three months were given the patients’ metabolic syndrome. The medicine has had an effect and all patients mostly have good face it, reports telegraph.

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